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What is LJ collaborative?

Being in the creative business means we see a lot of great new talent around. Be that locally, nationally or even internationally. Every day we receive emails from illustrators, photographers, creatives, designers, and a long list of other arty types. Once in a while we spot an individual who deserves to have their work shown off and we pride ourselves on advocating creativity from all of the cultural arts.

We recently came across the raw talent of local artist and graphic designer; George Law. We loved his work so much we invited him in to plaster his talents all over our studio walls. The wall give us an inspiring and fun place to work but it also means we can show his work off by facebooking, tweeting and blogging about him everywhere we can think of. George is working with other creative agencies locally and we hope we have played a small part in his new found hectic lifestyle.

So, we want to build on this momentum and collaborate with other talent too. Please keep sending us your work. When an individual or company comes along that knocks our socks off we will do our best to find a way to work with them.

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